We specialise in all disciplines of Industrial Design:

  • Conceptual Design
    Conceptual design is the single most important stage of the product development cycle. It is vital that the correct decisions are made at this stage as this obviously has a profound influence on the full development cycle. Years of experience as well as our insight into multi-discipline solutions ensures that we can assist our clients in making the correct decisions at this very crucial stage. Aesthetic designs and basic configurations are presented as photo-realistic renderings backed up with physical block models where required. A clear picture of the intended directions is therefore created at a very early stage of the development process. This becomes an invaluable tool for making informed decisions that will then drive the bulk of the development programme.

  • Product Engineering
    This is where the men and the boys are separated. Generating "pretty" pictures using modern software can often mask basic design flaws that only become evident when designs are put into practice. Innovative problem solving still remains a talent that can only get refined through experience. Combining our 21 years of experience with the latest 3D CAD software helps us manage the risk associated with this design stage.

  • Prototyping
    We use a number of different solutions for this most important part of the development process. We have our own in-house rapid prototyping machine and workshop facilities. We also have a number of other outside facilities at our disposal, both locally and in China. We believe in making the best decision regarding the method for a specific prototype, not based on our facilities, but rather which is the best prototype solution suited to the task.

  • Cad Drafting
    Technical documentation is still one of the most critical elements in properly defining a developed product. We pride ourselves on the discipline required to perform this task which is often seen as a dated activity in a modern 3D CAD world.

  • Project Management
    Our clients refer to us as the "glue" that keeps their projects together and on track! Our insight into all the various functions that need to be performed becomes an integral part of the development programme. Our skills to visually communicate often also become the "interpreter" between various departments in the structure of our clients.

  • Tooling Solutions
    As part of the turnkey service we are able to recommend a number of local and overseas tooling solutions. We have a number of tool-room facilities that we work very closely with so as to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. We also work very closely with a number of reputable Chinese suppliers and part of the turnkey service we offer is to manage this process.

  • Product Graphics
    We also offer a highly specialised "Product" graphic design service. This includes Branding, Decal design, Sales brochures, Technical and User manuals. Utilizing the latest modern software allows us to also generate computer animations and images for websites or related marketing materials.

  • Packaging Design
    Interacting with packaging is the first product experience that the end user has with your product. So often this design function is treated as a last minute half-hearted task. We will ensure that the complete end user experience is adding value through sound design of all the aspects relating to your product.

  • Manufacturing Insight and Resources
    Manufacture friendly design cannot be added to a solution as an afterthought like a coat of paint. Our insight into a wide variety of manufacturing solutions helps us to steer the development process in the right direction from the start of the development cycle. We will happily put you in contact with a number of suitable manufacturers with a proven record. We also respect existing working relationships and are 100% willing to engage with any manufacturer to ensure a successful outcome.  




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