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The company was founded back in 1993 by Peter Dreyer, a local Industrial designer & Paul Kite who emigrated from England as a Royal School of Art design graduate. Technical drawing boards, air brush renderings and handmade prototypes were the tools of the trade back in those days! It was the start of an exciting time for the local product manufacturing industry as the world markets started opening after the first 1994 democratic elections. Industrial design was a foreign concept and many of our early customers came to us in desperation with a common brief: Make our products as "sexy" as the ones we have to now compete with! This is still somewhat true today as many of our new customers had world class technology but fail to have packaged it in a well-designed modern enclosure that has the appropriate value perception and market relevance. Kitemark Product Design trading as "KM Product Design" grew exponentially over the last 21 years and has both local and international customers that we assist with product development.

KM currently has 6 qualified Industrial designers on staff. Most of our staff has been with us for many years and we put an extremely high value on our staff members kindling a close long term working relationship with our customers. Like most businesses we thrive on repeat business and a large percentage of our customer base has been with us for many years. (We still have a handful of customers that has been with us for more than 15 years!) We become an integral part of their R&D teams and customers have learned the value of involving us during the inception stages, before the project is even defined. Our current engineering staff compliment is Tommy fritz, Andre Kilian, Travis Maddox, David Stievenart, Andre Veenstra and Peter Dreyer. Collectively we have more than 60 years of Industrial design experience!

We are most excited about the future and we have seen the market really open for South African manufacturers especially in supplying technology products into the rest of Africa. We have had many successes with locally developed products that are specifically designed to meet "African" conditions and needs. Due to a weaker currency many of our customers are also having huge successes in other international market places. The biggest advantage with a well-designed product is often not just the superior aesthetics but also innovative ways of cutting manufacturing and assembly costs. Sound technology combined with well-designed product, offered at a fair price, will always result in a winner!


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